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Spring dishes (horsetail, rape blossom)
Steamed food (bracken, tilefish, lily bulb)

KINMATA's special
Baked red snapper head

Steamed sushi (conger eel)
Hamo (pike conger)-sushi
Pike conger and tomato with sesame seed sauce
Clear soup (pike conger)

Eggplant with pike conger roe sauce

Grilled Matsutake mushroom and tiger prawn
Seasonal autumn dishes
(chestnut, burdock, ginkgo nut, lotus root)
Steamed tilefish with salmon roe
(Scene of a fall mountain with autumn leaves)

Assortment of seasonal appetisers

Tiger prawn, soft roe of blowfish with gold foil on top
Steamed oyster, turnip, and potato dumpling in broth
Eel on a sesame custard with lily bulb and ginkgo nut
Miso-marinaded spanish mackerel grilled between thin planks of cedar
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